Recipe for cooking Canada goose

Cooking Canada goose can turn out to be a lovely adventure if you are a hunter yourself. Not too difficult to run into, given they’re ever present disposition, but at least difficult enough to catch that they give you a bit of a work out. This black necked, 20 pound bird can be quite the delight! Here is a recipe on cooking Canada goose, this meal serves 4. First you heat a quarter cup of olive oil on medium heat and stir-fry a small, diced sweet onion and teaspoons of minced garlic for about 2 minutes. Season the 8 ounce breast cut into eighth-inch slices and cook in hot oil for two minutes a side, flipping regularly until both sides are evenly browned. Pour a quarter cup of chili sauce over the goose, reduce the heat to medium-low and let the goose simmer in the heat until the sauce thickens. Serve your dish of Canada Goose hot with the Sweet Chili sauce. The bird however, has starred in other ways recently than in the kitchen. There has been Uproar over Canada Goose protest at Toronto restaurant. A male YouTube personality has been in the spotlight for storming vegan restaurants and asking people in apparel from a company known as Canada Goose to leave. This is because he believes the the down and fur used in the garments are a direct offense to the regulars at vegan restaurants who appreciate the conservation of fauna. The restaurant that has been in the spotlight was a restaurant called Fresh, which quickly came to the defense of the diners, asking Veganut, the YouTube channel owner, to quit harassing it’s clients.

Tips on cooking Christmas dinner in advance

The last thing you should be doing on Christmas Day is slaving over a hot stove. This is the day for opening presents, relaxing by the fire and having fun. Today is the day for the cooking. There is no need to say that the cake, pudding and mince pies should have been done last month and be waiting in the freezer. If they are not, then you have a busy weekend ahead of you! Cooking Christmas dinner in advance is easy if you shop the bulk of your ingredients today. Bread sauce, cranberry sauce, spicy stuffings and sausage meat can all be made now and frozen in dishes ready for cooking on the day. Potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sprouts just need parboiling for about three minutes and freeze well too. Surprisingly enough, your gravy and other sauces can also be prepared early and actually taste nicer after freezing! When you are cooking Christmas dinner in advance, do not forget about desserts and snacks too. Many wonderful puddings freeze well and will serve as an alternative to Christmas pudding. Make your sausage rolls, quiches, vol-au-vents and other snacks too, just in case there are hungry visitors later in the day. Finally, do not forget about the turkey! Prepare and stuff this on Christmas Eve and keep it in the fridge until the big morning. Cooking Christmas dinner in advance really will take the stress out of your favourite day. Many women are now hoping that 3D food printing might be the next Christmas dinner, but until that happens, preparing early is the key to stress management. Now you can relax, fill your glass and enjoy Christmas!

How cooking quinoa in slow cooker will change your time in the kitchen

Because quinoa is so nutritious and is looked upon as a super food, it is worth getting its cooking procedures correct so that you benefit from all the goodness in it. This gluten-free, high in protein, plant food offers so many health benefits and to take advantage of its goodness, The slow cooker should be your go to appliance. Cooking quinoa in slow cooker will ensure you don’t destroy the fibre, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and other beneficial antioxidants in the seeds. Cooking quinoa in slow cooker for a couple of hours is done after rinsing well in warm water. Place a cup or 2 of quinoa in a fine sieve and rinse with cold water. Put the quinoa in the cooker and add about 4 cups of cold water to the quinoa. Turn your slow cooker on low, and cook it for a couple of hours. You’ll know it is cooked when you get whiffs of the tantalising aroma or the water is used up. Absolutely delicious as a salad or side dish. So are you cooking quinoa in a slow cooker for dinner?

Get Healthy Meal Kits Delivered Straight to Your Door

Do you struggle to find the time when cooking a meal for your family? Do you resort to takeout more than once a month? If this sounds like you never fear, there is a simple solution to get you through the working week without resorting to unhealthy meal options. The hardest part of cooking for a family is deciding what to cook and then ensuring you have the ingredients to make it. But, now you can Save time when cooking by getting afresh meal kit delivered straight to your door. Many companies are popping up online that allow you to choose different meal options that your family will enjoy and allow you to have these healthy meal kits delivered straight to your home. Healthy meal kits delivered to your door take all the stress out of choosing a meal, going to grocery store, and cooking; all after you have finished work. Just pick a meal that you know your family will enjoy, open your delivery, and be surprised by the ease you will have in producing a delicious family meal. All ingredients are chopped, cut, and portioned perfectly for the size of your family. So there is no reason to stop by the greasy takeaway on the way home when you can have a delicious meal kit waiting on your doorstep when you arrive home from work. Meal kits are so simple you can even get your husband and kids involved in the process and take even more stress out of your day!


Salads – A Healthy Alternative to the Canadian Diet

  Salads - Tim Horton's New Salad Menu

Salads are one of the easiest side dishes to prepare as they require little to no cooking. So, for someone like me who can burn water, they are a staple item at every meal. The best thing about salads is that they are versatile and convenient; they can accompany the main meal at dinner, they can be packed with a sandwich to take to school or work or you can simply leave them in the fridge for a healthy snack when you need it.A big bonus for Canadians this summer is that Tim Hortons has freshly made salads on the menu.

Now, when I forget my delicious and healthy lunch at home (which I often do), I can grab a double-double and purchase a healthy salad at the same time. The salads currently featured on their menu are the caesar salad and the traditional garden salad.

With these options, customers no longer have to regret unhealthy food choices when eating out. (You just may have to curb the urge to add a donut to the order though!) Not only is salad extremely good for your health, it is also a great choice if you need to keep your budget in check. A great idea is to use leftover meat from roast dinners to create an amazing salad at home. Banana blossom and roast pork salad, warm chicken salad and chicken, apple and walnut salad are just a few ideas to get you going. Salad – what a deliciously healthy alternative!

Good Desserts to Cook: Quick and Healthy Alternatives

Good desserts to cook

The media these days is full of warnings about too much sugar in one’s diet, and emphasise getting your 5+ servings of fruit and vegetables a day. It can leave some feeling guilty for having that extra slice of cake after dinner. Sugar isn’t inherently bad, of course, so long as you have it in moderation, but for those of you with a sweet tooth but yet want to cut back, there are plenty of good desserts to cook that are healthy and quick to prepare. Fruit platters are a great way to make sure you get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables, as well as possibly one of the quickest varieties of desserts to prepare. You can easily change the platters based on what is in season, and support your community by buying locally grown fruit. For those who want a little extra sweetness, honey or yoghurt make great additions (or a little bit of chocolate sauce, for those who aren’t looking to cut out sweets entirely). If you have a craving for cheesecake, graham crackers with ricotta and your favourite fruit jam might just hit the spot. If you’ve cut out sugar from the rest of your day and want to use some of your daily sugar allowance on your dessert without going all-out, a broiled grapefruit might hit the spot. A grapefruit half-topped with light brown sugar and cinnamon and broiled until the tops are golden brown and then topped with a dollop of vanilla whipped cream is a great way to simultaneously satisfy that sweet tooth and boost your Vitamin A and C intake. There are plenty of options for quick and healthy alternatives, and experimenting on your own is a fun way to cater to your personal tastes. Otherwise, websites such as have a large selection of good desserts to cook to inspire any chef.

West Coast Indigenous Influences: Canadian Cooking

Lil`wat woman drying berries

British Columbia is a large province with a great deal of coastal coverage on the northern Pacific Ocean. The interior is mountainous and home to one of the largest band of Indian people, The Lillooet Tribe, nick-named ”Lil`wat” by the English speaking Canadians. The area is approximately 165 km northwest from Vancouver and if it were not for John Currie, an immigrant from Scotland, there is some doubt as to whether the region would have gained a name on Canada´s ethnic culinary menu. Currie after giving up on the get rich quick gold rush drive found his way north, way north and began a ranch and married a Lil`wat woman. He hired Lil`wat men to work for him, and with the tribe’s main council the mountain his ranch sprawled beneath was renamed Currie Mountain.

Lil´wat in their statimsic language literally means onion as the area is full of delectable wild onions. In the city of  Whistler is the Squamish-Lil`wat Centre where one can learn about these hearty people and dine on some of their special dishes such as  mountain hoagie using bison and wild boar to stir up the wild west adventurer in you.

Bannock” bread is known to have Scottish roots however the Lil`wat incorporated this delectable fried bread (actually fluffier and more like a scone in Scotland) into a campfire favorite to serve with their freshly flamed wild venison.

Campfire Bannock Bread

  • 2 cups | 200 g flour
  • 2 tbsp | 20 g baking powder
  • 1 tsp | 5 g salt
  • ⅓ cup | 80 g lard or butter
  • 1¾ cups | 330 mL water or a bit more if needed
  • Lard for frying
  • Butter and jam for serving


  • Mix flour, baking powder, salt, fat and water to make a soft dough. Let rest for 20 minutes.
  • Melt a chunk of lard in a large cast iron frying pan or Dutch oven. Once hot, spread the bannock in the pan. Cook on one side until well browned and crusted, then turn over and cook the other side. Serve with butter and jam.

You might wonder about jam accessibility in this region  in the mid 1800´s yet as it was then and remains today it is flourishing in wild edibles. The blue elderberry (Sambucus cerulea) and Highbush Cranberry, Squashberry, or Mooseberry (Viburnum edule) are bountiful. The tall Oregon grape tree was harvested using long sticks made with a carved hook at the end. Aside from the berries were wild asparagus and a shrub known as a saltbush used for flavoring. The Lil`wats know what to eat, how to prepare and use virtually everything in the wilderness, tourists do not. Best sampling Lil`wat delicacies from one of the regions better eateries.

Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Food

Non-Veg and Veg both are must for a healthy balanced diet.

Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian is a debate which has been going on for decades now. Generally Vegetarians will highlight the good part and hide the bad aspects of vegan diet. Similarly the non-vegetarians will hide their blemishes and highlight the good aspect. We will try to highlight only the good and bad aspects of both food kinds.

  • Non-vegetarian food cannot be avoided in extreme weather – If you consider the Eskimos living close to the North Pole you will realize that Vegan diet is not enough to sustain them. They solely depend on meat for survival.
  • Non-Vegetarian diet is more nutritious – A person living on complete vegan food will develop protein deficiency. Eating animal food is necessary for the protein. Even milk is an animal food and not completely vegetarian. A person on non-vegan diet is likely to be having a better health and also alert mind.
  • Non-Vegan is not easily digestible – Non vegetarian food does not contain enough fiber for digestion. Hence extra fiber should be eaten in form of fruits to aid in digestion.
  • Non-Vegan food causes cardiac and brain problems  – Non-Vegan food invariably has high cholesterol content which is a major contributor to coronary and brain diseases. Hence should be had in controlled quantities.
  • Vegan food is easily digestible – Quite opposite to non-vegan food Vegan food has fibers in good quantity and it keeps the digestive system in good shape.
  • Less chance of diseases – Since vegan food is low on cholesterol the chances of heart and brain diseases are minimised.
  • Vegan is less nutritious – It is really difficult to sustain on pure vegan diet. It does not have enough nutrition.

So the best way is to eat all kinds of food by mixing them together. In fact our digestive system and teeth have evolved in a manner for us to be omnivorous.

Health benefits of Cooking

Health and Cooking

Today we are more concerned about the loss of vitamins by cooking. However there are many health benefits of cooking. My research about cooking gave me some real astounding results which are contrary to popular belief. Let me introduce you to some great benefits of cooking.

  • Cooking Kills pathogens – Every kind of raw food whether it is meat or vegetables contains harmful pathogens. These may be very harmful for us. Processed meat is more prone to be infected with pathogens. Vegetables like cabbage may contain microscopic worms which can burrow its way to your brain and be fatal. Cooking removes these pathogens and makes it safe to eat.
  • Protects from Toxins – Some vegetables may contain toxins in raw form. Cooking removes these toxins and makes it fit for eating.
  • Makes starch easily digestibleGelatinization of starch is one of the major advantages of cooking. Starch is the staple food of majority of population and cooking helps it reach a form where it can be digested better. After cooking the starch can be easily broken by amylase enzymes.
  • Helps us chew meat better – Cooking loosens the fiber in meat making it easy to chew. It means that we can eat more which has led to our brains becoming larger than other animals who eat raw food.

That was some of my personal research about cooking. Watch out for an ancient recipe the next time.

History of Cooking

History of Cooking

I do not have much clue about history, but when it comes to cooking I know it. We humans were hunters in the pre-historic period.First we should know the meaning of cooking. It is preparing food using heat. Sounds simple but it is not so simple. Humans are the only species which eat food which is cooked and it has played a very large role in our evolution.

When man was a hunter he used to eat raw meat. It is believed that after inventing fire one day accidentally some meat fell in the fire and got roasted. One of them tried it and showed others that it was good. Soon others followed and cooking began. Cooked food helped reduce time in chewing and also brought forward the nutritional increase. Cooking breaks down fiber and releases some proteins and vitamins which could not be digested otherwise.

With cooking began the experiments with different kinds of food and boiling the food also started. New dishes gave way to the raw eating. Then came adding flavors to the food.According to anthropologists first instance is found in Mesopotamia where a kind of root was added to meat to give it a distinctive flavor. Cooking has now become the symbol of culture. Lets rejoice this accidental discovery of mankind.